Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Wireless Network Installed

Introducing the NEW wireless network - HORNET NATION!

Over the winter break, ESU IT has been busy installing a new and improved wireless network.  You will see this as "Hornet Nation" when you browse available networks from your device.  When you select "Hornet Nation", your device will automatically connect and your web browser will present you with a login to enter your ESU userid and password.  It's that simple--no special settings and it works with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

When:  The new system will roll out across campus over the Spring and Summer semesters and is expected to be fully in place by Fall 2017.

Now: Today, you can access Hornet Nation in Cora Miller Hall (Nursing) and William Allen White Library.

Next: The next locations scheduled for installation are Roosevelt Hall, Beach Hall, and King Hall.  All are expected to be completed in February.

The complete schedule, coverage map, instructions and the latest info about the project is available at our project website, http://sky.emporia.edu/wireless

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk, (877)341-5555, helpdesk@emporia.edu.

ESU Information Technology