Monday, October 14, 2019

myIT Tip of the Week

What Browser are you using? 

Here at the help desk, we receive a lot of calls with browser-related issues. If you happen to be trying to reach a page you use every day and that site isn’t working, it can usually be fixed by simply trying another browser. If you have Google Chrome, give it a try. Chrome works best if you are accessing Banner 9 Admin pages and Canvas. You are free to use the browser of your choice, but remember some sites only work in specific browsers. One example is InfoPath on Form Central. InfoPath Form links must be opened using Internet Explorer. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Cyber Security Month: Tips of the week

Cyber Security blog header
In honor of Cyber Security Awareness month, the IT department has been working to bring you helpful tips, tricks, and reminders to keep you and your personal information safe. Here, we take a more in-depth look at some of the tips we've provided.

1. Filter What You Post

Delete button graphic and warningEmployers are looking into social media more and more everyday. Whatever you post today has the potential to affect your future career and reputation. Remember, there is no ‘Delete’ button on the Internet! Share with care, if a post or picture is deleted from your profile even seconds after posting it, chances are someone still saw it. Even the ever so popular "Finsta," short for "fake Instagram" is not a valid form of privacy. Followers of the account have the ability to screenshot posts, send your posts to other friends via direct message, or even just pulling up your account in person.

Geo-Tag definition and warning
2. Update Your Privacy Settings

Set your privacy and security settings to your comfort level for information sharing. Disable geotagging, which allows anyone to see where you are—and where you aren’t—at any given time. Geotagging can be used to collect your information for marketing, sales, and many other purposes. Many apps track your location in the background even when you're not using them!

3. Stay Away From Strangers

Mock error - Connection not trustworthyConnect only with people you trust! Most social networks are a journal of your personal information. They display your name, your friends, your likes and interests, locations you've been, and even workplaces and personal addresses. While some social networks might seem safer for connecting because of the limited personal information shared through them, keep your connections to people you know and trust.

4. Limit Personal Information

Information ThiefBecause social networks display the information previously discussed, limit what information you post on social media. From personal addresses to where you like to grab coffee, most people treat their accounts like an autobiography. What you may not realize is that these details are all that criminals need to know to target you.

5. Speak up!

Speak up
Speak up if you’re uncomfortable! If a friend posts something about you that makes you uncomfortable, let them know. Likewise, stay open-minded if a friend approaches you because something you’ve posted makes them uncomfortable. People have different tolerances for how much the world knows about them, and it is important to respect those differences. Don’t hesitate to report any instance of cyberbullying you see.

Tyler Parker
Social Media & Marketing Student Assistant 
Web & Digital Strategies

Thursday, October 3, 2019

myIT Tip of the Week

Tips from our Classroom Techs: 

Before your Meeting/Class, it may be helpful to check: 
  • 1) Does the space have the technology you are needing for your meeting/class? 
  • 2) Are you logged in as SMART? 
  • 3) If you are having a guest presenter speak, it would be helpful to ask them if they will be bringing their own device. If so, it would also be helpful to make sure that you have a way to connect their device to the projection system. Will they be able to connect to what is available?
  • 4) Will an adapter be needed? 
  • 5) Make sure the media embedded in the presentation (PowerPoint, Google Slide, etc.) is embedded properly and playing audio. 

Issues with displays/podium/projector? Have you tried? 
  • 1) Checking to see if the “Power” is on? 
  • 2) If you aren’t getting a display on the monitor, try checking to make sure that the monitor is on, and connected to power. 
  • 3) If you see your display on one screen and not another, try changing the display settings from “Duplicate” to “Extend these displays”. You can do this by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing “Display Settings”. 
  • 4) "Googling" change display settings or change audio settings in windows 10 or Mac OSX is a great way to find the most current way to accomplish finding the current settings on a classroom computer.

Before your ZOOM meeting
  • 1) Do you have a ZOOM Pro account? 
  • 2) Have you tested your tech before your meeting? 
  • 3) Do you have a ceiling mounted camera and speakers? 
  • 4) Did you receive an invitation via email? 
  • 5) Are you the moderator/creator of this meeting?  
  • 6) Do the participants have the necessary tech to participate and a stable connection? 

Friday, September 27, 2019

New Service... Hornet Calendar!

Hornet Calendar is a school-wide calendar of events. This calendar will be displayed on our public website and on Hornet 365's homepage. Think of it as your centralized, one-stop-shop for Emporia State events. Hornet Calendar is the final piece of the puzzle of our promoting mediums. Along with concurrent use of  Hornet TV, Hornet Announcements, and Hornet Sites, this assures that your content is being promoted by all of the mediums offered here at Emporia State. Let us know which events you'd like to display by submitting an event here!

Guidelines and regulations of Hornet Calendar can be found on our Web + Digital guide.

IT After Hours: Mario Kart Goes Mobile

Welcome to the very first post of the IT After Hours series! This blog series will cover technology-related topics that we enjoy once our office closes and our academics are taken care of. From games and apps to entertainment technology advancements, this is your number one spot for all things innovative and fun!

Mario Kart

The beloved game that brought us the joy of red turtle shells and the despair of Rainbow Road is now in your pocket. Mario Kart has been available for iOS pre-order for some time now, but the day of download has finally come. On Wednesday, September 25th at 2:00 a.m. Mario Kart Tour became available to mobile devices across the globe.

Getting Started

The app is free to play, but requires you to register a Nintendo account; either linking a current account or creating a new one. You are then introduced to your first character, kart, and glider by "shooting them from the pipe." This is a new mechanic similar to mystery boxes seen in other games, where players can pay with in game currency (available to earn or purchase) to receive a random item.


Mario Kart screenshotThe steering mechanics are also different from other racing games; there is no joystick, or any buttons for that matter. The kart accelerates automatically, leaving the power-ups and steering to you. The steering is powered by moving your finger back and forth on the screen, and led by a shadowed arrow in front of the kart. The power-ups are then triggered by a simple tap of the screen. However, to aim your power up, let's say a banana peel (which typically is only left behind the kart,) simply swipe forward and the banana peel will be thrown in front of the kart.

Around The World

The game features a "tour" aspect that allows the player to compete in different tracks inspired by real cities. The cities will cycle every two weeks, allowing the players to race around the world. The first stop on the tour is New York, as shown below in the trailer.

The app has already taken off around campus, with many students already racing their way to the trophy. "It really brings me back to my childhood, me and my dad used to play all the time." Grant Buchanan, a sophomore at Emporia State remarked. A multiplayer option is coming soon, which will allow you to play and compete with friends and opponents of your choosing; but until then random racers and automated bots
are your only option.

Tyler Parker
Social Media & Marketing Student Assistant
Web & Digital Strategies

Just Wing'in It

Just Wing'in It

Drone flying overhead

What is Wing?
Wing is a drone delivery service owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Similar to the Amazon drone delivery service, Wing aims to deliver over-the-counter medications and other health related items to your doorstep “within minutes” of online ordering. The company is partnering specifically with Walgreens and FedEx to complete this task, hoping to find a faster and more time efficient method of delivering your medicine.Wing aims to be a pioneer in the drone delivery service, becoming one of the first drone operators certified as a commercial carrier by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Where is Wing?
DroneWing hopes to compete with other companies’ delivery services, such as Amazon Prime and a newly announced CVS drone delivery prototype. The pilot program will launch in October 2019 in Christiansburg, Virginia, allowing residents of the town who live within the “designated delivery zones” to choose from over 100 individual products ranging from children’s snacks to cough and cold medicine. In December, Wing announced the launching of a trial service in Finland, offering free delivery to residents within the capital city; and was just approved to launch the service in 3 Australian cities. Stay tuned, as Wing delivery could be delivering M&M’s to your dorm room within the next few years.

Tyler Parker
Social Media & Marketing Student Assistant
Web & Digital Strategies

iOS 13 and Watch OS 6

iOS 13 and Watch OS 6

Since Apple released the well anticipated iOS 13 and Watch OS 6 updates yesterday, I've had the opportunity to put it through a week of testing.

If you have an iPhone SE, 6S, and everything after that (the 7, 8, X, XR, XS) and have been thinking about updating, go ahead! You're going to enjoy the new life it breathes into your Apple devices.

NOTE: Just to be on the safe side, be sure to back up all the valuable data on your device and keep the phone plugged in while it updates. Better safe than sorry, trust me.

Since a majority of our users are iOS users, I'm sure you're wondering, "What do I get from this update and why should I even bother?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

Let's start with the top features from iOS 13.

  • You now have a system wide Dark Mode. Let's sign a petition and dark mode everything!
  • Swipe Keyboard. Try swiping a word on your keyboard! It's an easier and faster method for typing with one hand! They call it 'QuickPath'..
  • Faster FaceID. Apple claims 30% faster!
  • New Built-In Photo and VIDEO Editing Tools. If you're a digital creative, you're going to appreciate this!
  • Find My (Now combines Find my iPhone and Find my Friends). Now, even if your iPhone is not connected to the internet you'll be able to tell where it is.
  • Files. Now you have the ability to connect external drives and USB's natively. Along with unzip capabilities.
  • Safari. You now have access to a built-in download manager! Along with upgraded browser capabilities.
  • Reminders.  App Updates.
  • Notes. App Updates.
  • Mail. App Redesign
  • Siri. Siri now sounds a lot better!
  • Better Screenshots. 
  • Control your Contact Information Persona. If you someone adds you as a contact, the name and image you want will automatically pull into their contact.
  • Memoji Stickers. Extend your Animoji persona and create new Memoji stickers.
  • Sign In with Apple. Before you had the option to make an account, or use the convenient Sign in with Google and Sign in with Facebook. Now, there's a new way to sign in! 
  • Use your Gaming controllers. If you enjoy mobile games, now you can connect your favorite Xbox or PS4 Controller and start gaming!

Next we got Watch OS 6.
  • New Watch Faces. Cool new styles to try!
  • Dedicated App Store. All the more apps for your watch!
  • Noise Level. If you spend too much time in a loud environment, you'll be notified!
  • Voice Memos. Got a quick thought? Narrate it to your new best friend.
  • Cycle Tracking. Apple's big on Health
  • Calculator. Calculate right on your wrist! Take it a step further and now you can easily know how much the tip will be and how to evenly split the bill.
  • Activity Trends. Because the more health data you have, the more you strive to succeed!

There were minor bugs I have seen or had colleagues report to me. However, Apple has released iOS 13.1 today, and it should squash all the bugs (if any) and provide improvements to your overall experience. Apple also released iPad OS today and I will be going over it next week! 

Have you updated to iOS 13.1 yet? If so, what are you currently enjoying about it?

Saandhyarag Sasidhar
Student Operations Manager
Web and Digital Strategies